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What is the SHS Football Boosters?

The SHS Football Boosters is a non-profit organization that makes up the fundraising and sponsorship arm of the Sarasota High School Football program. As a board, we hold meetings that are not open to the public but are in accordance with Non Profit requirements, we follow 'Robert's Rule of Order', each board member no matter their position has a say in discussions and we provide notes of the meetings on this site.  We also hold general board meetings where everyone is invited, we provide information openly and accept feedback for future meetings.  


Starting in February with board elections, we carry 8-10 voting members (President, VPs, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.).  Between elections and the Spring Game (usually held in May), the board creates a budget, identifies team and program needs, and creates committees to plan and execute special events (Senior Night, Homecoming, End of Season Banquet, etc.). 


During the summer, the board partners with strategic organizations to fundraise for the upcoming season.  The fundraising initiatives usually come in the form of email donation campaigns, discount card sales and golf tournaments.  Additionally, during the summer the board supplements the "food pantry" used by players that attend long training sessions in the heat.  We do this with the support of parent donations (pb&j, bread, healthy snacks, protein bars). 

Prior to the start of the season and usually around the start of the school year, the board will meet again to discuss board member assignments and responsibilities (Team meals, Pre-game prep assistance, Parking Lot duties, etc).  This is the time of the year when we need volunteers the most.  Ensuring that we can secure every donation, every sponsorship and exceeding the players expectation of a high school football program experience is our goal.  To do this, you'll see that we ask for donations to park at varsity games, we sell fence banners for businesses and players and we often sell items like previous year's jerseys.  

We know parents work...we're parents too.  We need an hour of your time to attend a general board meeting, help take donations for parking, sell a fence banner, feed the players or find participants for our fundraising outings.  We've estimated that it takes nearly 1200 hours between August 1 and the End of Season banquet to create a memorable season for each player Freshman through graduating Senior.  Please help us divide the workload.  You'll be impressed how appreciative, respectful and excited these players are to see you.

Board Members:


Kevin Angell


Brittany Lamb


Suzy Anson Adams


Heather Wiebke


Laura Collica

Membership Chair 

Gina Bordones

Varsity Liaison 

Barbara Desoiza-Adams

JV Liaison 

Christine Kevin Sullivan

Communications Chair 

May Burggraff

Team Meal Coordinator 

Denise Zimny Klingel

Members At Large: 

Scott Collica

Maureen McClain Molketin

Lisa DeCrapio

Angie Ramsden

James Mack